Driving on the beach in your Jeep is great fun! In and around Brisbane there are lots of wonderful places to get your Jeep offroad and sandy. These include Stradbroke Island, Moreteon Island and Fraser Island.

It is important to note that Queensland road rules apply, including ensure you stick to the speed limits. There are lots of 4WD police vehicles around and they regally conduct RBT patrols and tests.

It is a good idea to check the tide charts before embarking on your journey. Also ensure you adjust these for differences in localities.

Tips when driving on Stradbroke Island:

– Make sure you enter the beach and leave the beach at designated access spots only.
– Only use established tracks and don’t make new ones
– Ensure you always consider other beach users and be careful as there are lots of children around
– Respect the wildlife and sea birds as the beach if their home
– Don’t drive on mining leases as this is not permitted
– Always slow down your vehicle when passing pedestrians on the beach
– To avoid getting bogged, reverse back along your tracks rather than turning around in dunes
– Don’t drive on the beaches within two hours of high tide
– Drop the pressure on your tires which will making driving in the sand a lot easier.
– Say vigilant and drive very carefully
– Avoid sharp turns at high speed

Jeeps are great for driving on the beach in and around Brisbane so ensure your tire have just the correct amount of pressure.

This may not appear to be a big thing nonetheless, remember that your tires hold a good deal of significance when referring to your car’s performance. According to auto specialists, your car’s tires should have the correct quantity of pressure because these serve as the medium between you, your automobile, and the open road. Also, tires that aren’t inflated correctly give you a rather more rough ride. They also have a tendency to wear down quickly compared against tires that are inflated exactly right.

Another fact about tires is that when they’re overinflated or underinflated, they really make your auto use up much gas. Compared with having an auto with tires inflated exactly right your vehicle uses just the correct quantity of gas. To test the your tires’ pressure, ensure that you do it when your tires have just cooled down.

Then, you must first take away the cap from the valve on the tire you are checking. Put in and press a tire gauge hard into the valve and have a quick look at the given reading. You would know if you have inserted the gauge correctly if you hear the sound of escaping air. Then, if you happen to detect the tire requires more pressure, fill it up. From another viewpoint, if your automobile has had just too much pressure, then release the air. You would know the right and suggested air pressure of your tires by checking your automobile owner’s documentation.

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