Do you know what to look for when buying used cars Surrey? More and more people are heading down the second-hand route when they need to replace their cars or buy their first-ever vehicle. If you do need to buy a second-hand car but don’t know where to begin, why not consider asking a more experienced person for help? The market has the variety to cater for everyone, which means you shouldn’t struggle to find something suitable no matter what your tastes are.

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Look into the history

Always take a good look at the relevant documents before you hand over your cash. Make sure the car has been taken for servicing at least annually, and ask as many questions as you feel you need to in order to put your mind at rest. Why not run a quick car history check to find out whether the vehicle has ever been reported stolen, been crash-damaged or if it has existing finance on it? Always go for a test drive and perform an emergency stop so you can see how the car handles in challenging situations. Make sure you’ll be able to afford running costs like fuel, tax and insurance as well as the initial price tag otherwise you could be storing up big problems.

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Who should I buy my car from?

Buy second-hand and you’ll be able to miss out on the vast depreciation drop seen by most cars after just one year on the road. It may be best to buy from a dealer rather than a private seller as doing so means getting the valuable protection of the Sale of Goods Act. Furthermore, most dealers are part of trade networks, and won’t want to risk their reputations by being kicked out of them for treating their customers poorly.

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