Similar to that of the motorcycles, the trike motorcycles also need the love and care. If you are a proud owner of such an amazing vehicle, you must follow the rules of maintaining the trike to retain its performance and to keep it as glamorous as it was for the day zero.

Unlike cars, the motorcycle breeds need more care and maintenance. Ranging from the gears to brakes, tiers and chains, you need to keep your clam in preserving the motorcycle parts. When it is a build of three wheels, you ought to be more compassionate about the vehicle’s performance.

 How to maintain Trikes1

Here are a few tips of maintaining the trikes—

Regular wash

For the routine cleaning, you don’t have to take your Bombardier Spyder for the professional cleaning. You can do it on your own. Wash it with clean water and as you dry up with a neat piece of cloth, you can identify the issues in the vehicle that needs to be taken care of. If you can sort it out DIY that’s fair enough otherwise, you should opt for professional support to solve the glitch. This is one of the best ways to maintain bikes and so as trikes.

How to maintain Trikes2

Love the tiers

With a vehicle with three tiers, you should be careful about the health of the tiers along with the other parts of the vehicles. Always check the tiers before taking out the vehicle on road. Along with checking the air-pressure, check the rims of the tiers to make sure there are no dents or cracks. If you stay in extreme weathers get a air compressor and a tier maintaining tools to avoid any inconveniences before you kick start for your journey.

Change oils

Like that of the automobiles, you need to change the brake oil, cooler oil, etc for keep your trike motorcycle healthy. Often there rises controversy that the oils for the automobiles and motorcycles are same. But according to many eminent car manufacturers they are different. You can research a little bit on that to make sure whether you should opt for the separate oils or should use the same that your fed your cars to the bikes.

How to maintain Trikes

Maintain the battery

Similar to cars, you should also keep an eye on the battery performance of trikes. Particularly, check the battery of your cruiser before you start a long journey.

So, these are the couple of things that you must take under consideration for maintaining trikes.


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