It may be difficult to think affordability when shopping for a Mercedes Benz. But, with the certified pre-owned selections offered by authorized Mercedes Benz dealers, affordability is not such a stretch of the imagination. Luxury shouldn’t always be associated with lavish pricing. Many options and prices are available to suit nearly any need or budget. Just because you find yourself in a position to buy new and you know what it is you want, doesn’t mean you have to pay that price to get a specific Mercedes.You would be surprised at the advantages of buying pre-owned are. Just because a vehicle is in used condition doesn’t necessarily mean the it has had issues in the past. And with pricing starting as low as 19k, it would be worth your time to go over look at buying pre-owned.

certified pre owned Mercedes

Certified Vehicles

Now the first thing that comes to mind about buying a certified pre owned Mercedes is the condition of the vehicle. It is fair to have concerns about buying something used. But, before any vehicle hits the lot, it is given a thorough inspection and tune up by a certified Mercedes mechanic to ensure the vehicle is in proper working order. Once the mechanic is confident the vehicle meets the standards of a Mercedes Benz, it will be released for re-sale. And with all pre-owned Mercedes a one-year warranty is included with the vehicle regardless of how many miles it has.  Extended warranties can also be purchased for up to an additional two years, to ensure the future of your purchase.


When it comes to financing your chosen car, Mercedes Benz has many options to get you in your dream car. Starting with financing almost all pre-owned models up to eight years old, as well as working with the duration of financing. Starting from 24 to 72 months, depending on whatever is more comfortable to your financial needs, Mercedes will do everything to be flexible with your financial needs. You can even go to the Mercedes payment calculator to get a good idea of monthly payments.


After finding and purchasing a Mercedes Benz, next comes maintaining it. Even after being cleared by a mechanic, it is still important to schedule regular service checks for your vehicle. It is also just as important to visit a certified Mercedes mechanic, which can usually be found at the dealership purchased from. Mainly due to the fact that many mechanics are not certified by Mercedes and will often use off market parts that can affect the car, making maintenance costlier over time. Mercedes even offers many service packages to cover all basic maintenance.

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Making the choice

Now not everyone is comfortable buying pre-owned, some prefer buying new and there is nothing wrong with that. But, it should be pretty clear that both have their own advantages. With purchasing a pre-owned Mercedes Benz, you are guaranteed to get the same standard of quality and service as any used or new model offered.

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