Renting an RV is fun. The problem is, unless you are taking a pre-planned road trip, you’ll be starting off without knowing exactly where you’re headed. In that case, you’ll want to decide on some possible destinations and confirm that these destinations have a convenient place to park your RV. How can you do that? Visit some of the most popular RV vacation spots! They are popular for a reason!

South Padre Island

This island is located in the Gulf of Mexico and is a popular RV vacation spot. There are several options for what park to stay in on the island; there’s even one with six hundred RV spots. This vacation spot is popular for its beaches and campgrounds.

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Horse Thief Lake

This RV campground is one of the most beautiful spots to park your small RV rental. You will be sleeping in the shadow of Mount Rushmore, South Dakota. There is a lakeside campground, but it offers only a few RV spots. A close-by second option is a resort specifically designed for RV users. You will have access to a pool, bathhouse, playground, and beautiful hiking opportunities. Mount Rushmore is the most popular location in this area, but you may also enjoy visiting Jewel Cave and Harney Peak for some wonderful sights.

Crater Lake National Park

This park is located in southern Oregon and is popular for its crater that is filled solely by snow and rainfall; there is no spring feeding it. The lake is one of the deepest in the US at 1,900 feet. There are several options for choosing an RV park in the area, and there is much to do. Make sure you give yourself enough time to see everything you will want to see when you arrive.

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Fort Wilderness

This RV park was created for Disney visitors to enjoy their stay in Florida. The park is located between the Magic Kingdom and Epcot, so you will be in a convenient location to visit them both. The fun does not stop when you get to the campground, as it is centered around a lake, and visitors are encouraged to boat and ski. There are also sports fields for a variety of sports and pony rides for children. This RV park can be a great adventure in addition to your normal Disney visit.

Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg is most known for its historical value. Many people visit the town to explore the social climate of the Revolutionary Era. It opens up a completely new world to children who have never seen such a town. Because of the popularity of that location, there is an RV park near Colonial Williamsburg. For the full historical experience, you can stay the night, and to get even a fuller picture you can visit Jamestown and Yorktown as well. Families will love this historical step back into the past.

There are many RV campgrounds located in the United States that you may not have known about. They are popular for a reason. Try them if you want to experience a new vacation!

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