Acquiring that first car once you’re of legal driving age and have passed the driving test, you are ready to see what the market has to offer.  Unless you have a rich parent who buys you your first car, you will most likely have to take finances into account.

Things to Consider

Important factors to consider are price – obviously – and servicing and repairs, as well as fuel economy. Of course there is insurance too. It’s worth remembering that residual values are worth considering as a car which depreciates less, could save you money in the long run (for help with this, there are lots of free car valuation tools). And you don’t want a car that will intimidate you. You are most likely looking for a smaller car, one that is easy to handle on the open road as well as in tight city spots.


We are looking at some which would make a great choice for any new driver:

  • Ford Fiesta – Already one of the most popular cars in its class and easy to handle, fun to drive. This supermini has good safety equipment and offers a number of trims. It also has a good size boot for a small car: 276 litres. It is the UK’s bestselling car.
  • Fiat 500 – Chic, cute and cheap. It has a certain retro look about it and is available in a number of trims. A good choice for young drivers may be the entry-level 1.2-litre petrol which handles like a dream in city traffic.
  • Vauxhall Corsa – This one too ticks so many of the boxes. A fun car with, for its size, a roomy interior to allow comfort for all. Various engines and trims allow for a good choice. It handles beautifully on all surfaces and like most in its class is cheap to run.
  • Skoda Citigo – Many drivers and owners feel this is one the best around: economical on the road and one of the cheapest to insure. Also, when it comes to price, it beats most others in its class. Our choice would be the SE rather than the S.
  • Volkswagen up! – Best for city conditions, the VW up! will suit those who do short trips between class, work, the gym and home. A nice feature is the smartphone sat nav that will appeal to the young set. You can choose from 3 engines and either a 5- or 3-door. Prices start at around £ 9,000.
  • Mini- As British as strawberry and cream at Wimbledon. The Mini is not the cheapest on our list but it has style. A range of mainly 3-cylinder engines – both petrol and diesel – which all offer great technology. Mini will always be one of the popular choices for the new driver: It is fun and reliable.

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