Who says that Luxury has to be at lavish prices? Mercedes Benz isn’t only for the elite and wealthy, almost anyone can own a Mercedes Benz regardless of what your financial needs may be. Buying a used Mercedes Benz is the best option for buying a luxury car at a not so luxury price. With a wide and varied selection of used vehicles to choose from, it becomes easier to shop for the car of your dreams to fit your budget. And even though they may be pre-owned you can count on it contain the same levels of quality as a new model. And models in the low twenties, it is certainly worth a look even with the mind set of buying new.

Certified Vehicles

What does it mean for a vehicle to be certified by Mercedes Benz? It means that all traded in vehicles will be inspected thoroughly to meet the standard of the inspecting technician before hitting the lot, to ensure any and all issues are corrected from the previous owner. All certified vehicles come with a one-year warranty to cover any issues that may arise. Mercedes also offers extended warranties for up to an additional two years. And it doesn’t matter the model, year or how many miles are on the vehicle, all vehicles are extended this warranty.

Purchasing a used Mercedes

Financing A pre-owned Mercedes

Once a given vehicle has been chosen, Mercedes is dedicated to work within your budget. Starting with financing for 24 months up to 72, giving more leeway in the monthly cost of the vehicle. Another good way to identify your budget, is by using the Mercedes Benz cost calculator that can be found on their website. It can give you precise idea what a payment can be based on duration and interest rate of the finance.

Maintaining your Mercedes

Now that you have your pre-owned Mercedes, next comes continuing maintaining them. It is very important to keep up with schedule maintenance, especially when it comes to used vehicles. Because at the end of the day your Mercedes is just more than a car, it is an investment and with how good Mercedes keep their price, it in your favor to keep in good condition. It is also as equally important to visit factory trained technicians to handle your services. Unlike any third party repair and service shop, Mercedes technicians are experienced as well as only using the best parts to keep your vehicle at its highest level. A majority of auto shops will try to cut cost for you by using after factory parts that only end up degrading faster or not being properly suited for your vehicle.

Purchasing a used Mercedes1

Weighing the options

At the end of the day purchasing a car is a big decision and a costly one at that. It makes sense to weigh all your options and explore every avenue given. But just because you want the best in quality and service, again doesn’t mean you have to pay top dollar.


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