Modestly attired having a heart of gold, the Peugeot 106 is really a deserving little piece. Although just a little dusty, you will still check this out motor kicking about in virtually every vehicle dealer nationwide. The embodiment of cheap and cheerful, this gadget may be the ultimate student vehicle, as well as in true undergrad style, an effective little bargain.

Simple and inexpensive, this is exactly what your mother would call the ‘ideal little run around’. Your heart will not pound on first sight, but we suspect you are not buying because of its elegant countenance (a minimum of hopefully not). Not quite contemporary chic, you can say it’s making a little, and also the model has certainly sent eyes moving in latter years. For that student on a tight budget however, we are happy allow it an opportunity.

As being a product from the 90’s, we suspect your desires lie elsewhere, but grapple with it since you may, you may never refer to it as insufficient. A relaxed little motor, this is actually the classic ‘A to B’ vehicle. Solidly built and fairly comfortable, there is nothing really wrong by using it. Tediously dull, possibly – tediously capable, certainly.

The 106 might be ticking along, however it will not retire this side of graduation. Before we combine it with the fossil pile, let us see what we should can salvage. Incredibly cheap fuel and minor emissions allow it to be great around the essentials, and when you are the kind, among the rarer cars which will happily accommodate spoilers, side skirts and wheel trims (want our recommendation? Do not get em). Purchasing among the ‘Aztec’ or ‘Inca’ models forces you to feel a diploma more esteemed, but avoid earlier versions if you do not would like your girlfriend to determine the cassette player. If you are after a little more progress, we advise the phase 2 models, whose airbags really are a reassuring new feature. You will not have the ability to party within the back, however in alliance using the boot, there’s ample room for roughly 12 bags of washing.

Although it isn’t a highway rocket, the fir.1 litre engine still seems to chug its in place probably the most challenging summits a difficult job when bearing ten crates of bigger, and although nothing exclusive lurks underneath the bonnet, the 106 will campaign happily from bar to close. If you are prepared to spend a little more cash, the 120 bhp GTi is really a definite champion, but watch out for the fir.6litre engine if you are drowning indebted.

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